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The landscape provides an infinite source of inspiration: an endless variety of form, color and mood.

I frequently paint views of my street, my garden, and a nearby woodland preserve. The suburban environment allows an encounter between contemporary and traditional form. It is this pattern of shape and color that centers my work. I approach the still life as a kind of interior landscape in which the contours of familiar objects echo those of the exterior landscape.

I am originally from northern New York State, where the land is open and less developed. My paintings of this region evoke the wider spaces of the St. Lawrence River Valley, as well as the man-made changes that have begun to mark the landscape there. Architectural forms and their reaction to the light find expression in my treatment of the cityscape.

I preserve the flatness of the picture plane, defined by vibrant areas of color. This interest in pattern brings an element of abstraction to my work, and has led me to experiment with collage, along with oil, acrylic and watercolor.



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